Utility Billing

City of Pawnee utilities cover water, sewer, garbage collection, and storm drains. More information to come on this as we are just trying to get quick information posted to get our website online. After the COVID 19 crisis is over you can expect us to start working on each page of our website.

Paying your City of PAWNEE bill:

There are a few different ways to pay your City of Pawnee utility bill:

  • In person: You can pay by cash or check at City Hall during normal business hours.(closed to the public during COVID 19)
  • By mail or Drop box: You can use the provided envelope to mail your check/money order payment to the City. There is also a drop box outside City Hall for after hours. It is to the left of our front door. Please do not mail or put cash in the drop box.
  • Online Payments: Not setup for online payments but we are exploring this option.

Other Utility Services Contact