Agendas– June 24, 2022


Pawnee Industrial Authority

Special Meeting

Date: FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2022 

Time:  6:00 P.M.  (or immediately following the Pawnee City Council)

Place:  City Hall

To be completed by person filing notice:

Name: Alice Cottle

Title: Chairman

Address: 510 Illinois   Pawnee, OK  74058

Phone: 918.762.2110

Posted at City Hall at 6:00 p.m. on the 21st Day of June, 2022 and filed in the office of the City Clerk

Signed: Tammy Todd, City Clerk


1.         Call meeting to order.

2.         Invocation and Flag Salute.

3.         Call the roll of members, and establish a quorum is present.

4.         Consider appearances from the public.

5.         Discuss, consider, and take action to enter executive session regarding discussion on multiple offers for the 1310 Sewell Drive building.  Pursuant to Title 25 Section 307b4:  Confidential communications between a public body, and its attorney.  Concerning a pending investigation, claim, or action if the public body, with the advice of its attorney, determines that disclosure will seriously impair the ability of the public body to process the claim or conduct a pending investigation, litigation, or proceeding in the public interest.

6.         Discuss, consider, and take action to pursue an offer on 1310 Sewell Drive building.

7.         Take action to adjourn.

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