Statement for water quality issues being experienced in Pawnee Oklahoma

For the second time this month, July 2021, we are experiencing an influx of manganese from our water source at Pawnee Lake. Manganese levels in the raw water increased significantly over the last couple of days. Chemical feeds at the water plant were increased as the greatly elevated levels of manganese were detected, however, it may take a few days for the increased chemical dosages to be effective. On Friday morning, July 30th, the water being distributed from the plant started showing a slight yellowish tint. We would estimate that it may take 2 to 3 days for this condition to be resolved at the plant. Once the issue is resolved at the plant, crews will begin systematically flushing the entire water system in an approved manor to alleviate the conditions in the distribution system.

I would like to remind everyone that even though your water may be discolored, it is perfectly safe to drink per the Oklahoman Department of Environmental Quality and EPA standards.

At this time, we have had numerous calls at city hall and to other city officials about this situation. Additional calls will only increase the workload on city hall personnel, and will not speed up the treatment process. If your water has not cleared up by Tuesday, call city hall at that time and our crews will respond in the most efficient manner possible.

We appreciate your patience during this episode.

Steve Ready

Water/Wastewater Superintendent

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