Structures built on City Property

Written August 6th, 2020

It has come to the attention of the City of Pawnee and also questions from the public, concerning the building of structures on the City of Pawnee Property. In order to make the public aware of the Building codes and the Permitting Process, the City of Pawnee is wanting to educate the public that this practice is against the International Building Code, Ordinances and State Statues that building on City property is prohibited and not allowed and in the future, with a grace period, these structures will need to be removed.,

The City of Pawnee operates under the International Building Codes and as set forth, the follow must be met, before a permit is issued for construction of a structure on property that is now owned by the City of Pawnee.

105.3 To obtain a permit: To identify and describe the work to be covered by the permit for which application is made.
Describe the land in which the proposed work is to be done by legal description, street address, or similar description that will readily identify and definitely locate the proposed building or work. (This will help identify the legal owner in which the structure will be built).

406.1.3: Garages and Carports shall be open on at least 2 sides. Carport floor surfaces shall be approved noncombustible material. Carports not open on at least two sides shall be considered a garage and shall comply with the provisions of this section for garages.
Asphalt surfaces shall be permitted at ground level in carports. The area of floor used for parking of automobiles or other vehicles shall be sloped to facilitate the movement of liquids to drain or toward the main vehicle entry doorway.

3201.1: Scope: The provisions of this chapter shall govern the encroachment of structure into the public right-of-way.
3201.2: The projection of any structure of portion thereof shall be the distance measured horizontally from the lot line to the outermost point of the projection.

It is strongly suggested that if you have a structure on Property belonging to the City of Pawnee, that arrangement be made to move these structures of the Pawnee Right-of-way.

Tom Briggs, City of Pawnee

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